A Special Thanks to the Following Fine Folks who Continue to Support and Inspire. You make all my efforts worthwhile:

State of Florida, Department of Florida Arts & Culture, Division of Cultural Affairs: Morgan Lewis, Administrator, Individual Artist Fellowship Program - Sincere gratitude to you and your entire staff for giving me the opportunity to create this site.

Drew Strouble - Beloved Husband, friend and favorite hiking companion. You, too may enjoy his company and art expertise during a Florida Artist Retreat.

Saul and Phyllis Lowitt - Dearest Friends who taught me to sing, to hike and keep on keeping on. May you be blessed with such pals and powers of example.

Anita Sandler - Visionary artist, musician, performer, composer & very dear friend. ANita wrote and sings the Florida Footpaths’ theme song ‘The Story’. Visit her website for all of her cds, artwork and info.
Donna and Pat Surface of Spiritwood Music - My pals, Pat and Donna Surface, along with their Spiritwood Music Northwoods Ensemble contributes the beautiful and evocative accoustic music you enjoy during our podcast hiking adventures.

Michael Shattner - Brilliant humanist, actor, cellist and recipient of many late night calls. “Do what’s in your heart ..”

Mark Baczynski - Master Fiddle Player whose playing you’ll enjoy during my podcasts and with whom I had the great good fortune to perform with in the Sarasota premiere of Fire on the Mountain.

Jan Hinton - Composer of the Florida State Anthem. A good and gracious lady and True Floridian.

Steve Vaughn - Wonderful photographer and friend who said to me 4/29/2006 to share ‘passionate imagery’ and give voice to my love for Florida. ‘Don’t worry where the paint goes!’

John Moran - Superb Florida Photographer - Our friend from Drew’s art show circuit. A true Florida Treasure, has photographs continue to inspire me as he celebrates our rich and beautiful state. You’ll want his book: ‘Journal of Light: The Visual Diary of a Florida Nature Photographer’

Larry Parr - Playwright. Author of  ‘Invasion of Privacy’ in which I created the role of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings in its World Premiere production. A good pal and true Floridian.